Saturday, January 24, 2009


What is a Hostess Club?


WHAT a Hostess Club is

1 A group of people who agree on purchasing a set amount (or more) of merchandise from me each month during the club duration (usually 6-12 months depending on number of members).

2 For their participation, each member receives the following:

· FREE Idea Book & Catalog ($9.95retail)

· Designated Guest Hostess for one month (based on random drawing) which includes:

§ Free Exclusive Hostess Set ($11.95-$28.95 value based on sales)

§ Free Hostess Awards ($15.00 and up based on total sales)

· Mini Catalogs

· Preferred Customer Status – find out about sales and special promotions before others

· 10% shipping on all orders ALWAYS – no minimum shipping charge

· Exclusive Tips & Techniques training at monthly hostess request. Hostess can choose any topic from extensive list of techniques ($5.00 per class value)

· Special surprises and offers during club membership –EXCLUSIVE to members!!!

· $10 Merchandise Certificate to use during your hostess month


Initial fee of $10 is payable at time of sign up. After that, your only obligation will be to purchase the amount of merchandise agreed upon based on number of club members. For example if we have 5 members, monthly obligation will be $30 (5x$30=$150), 8 members, monthly obligation will be $20 (8x$20=$160), 10 members, monthly obligation will be $15 (10x$15=$150) SO, call any friend you think would like to join and we will start he club as soon as membership reaches at least 6. But there will be a limit of no more than 12 club members!!! So join now!!! If your club period goes over an Idea Book & Catalog period, members can purchase the newest Idea Book & Catalog for just $5.00 or can use the "house" copy at Hostess Club meetings if they would rather. The $5.00 for the Idea book will NOT count towards the monthly order commitment.

Sound good? Great! All you need to do is fill out the Commitment form and as soon as there are at least six participants, we’ll begin the club. This can be a really inexpensive way to add to your stamp collection, HOWEVER, the success of the club depends on the members. You must commit to the full term of the club. Thanks for your interest! Guests are welcome at our hostess club meetings if space permits (first come first served on spots available) at a cost of $5.00 per guest (fee waived with a $25.00 Merchandise Purchase). I also encourage my hostess club members to collect orders from friends outside of the club to help with total sales for their Hostess Month!!