Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Twilight Saga New Moon Layout

Paper is from Pictures in Time on Wells Road in Orange Park Florida

Sunday, March 22, 2009

ABC's of Love

A - Admire, adore, affection, all yours, alluring, always, amazing, amore, anniversary, arresting

B - Bad times, be mine us, beauty, better half, bliss, boldly, boyfriend

C - Cherish, completely, caressing, crazy about you, crazy in love, cuddle, cupid’s arrow, cutie pie

D - Darling, dearest, dedication, deep love, delight, desire, devotion, dream

E - Embrace, enchanted, endless, endless love, enjoy, eternal, eternity, everything

F - Faithful, falling for you, favorite, first kiss, flirt, flirtatious, flutter, forever, fun, funny valentine

G - Genuine, girlfriend, giving, good times

H - happiness, happy, hard times, heart, heart to heart, hers, his, hold me, holding hands, honour, hopelessly in love, hug

I - I love you, in love, instinctively, intensely, intuitively

J - Joy, journey, jumping

K - Kindred spirits, kindly, kiss

L - laugh, Life long, lifetime, love, love letters, love notes, lucky

M - Mad about you, memories, mesmerizing, mine, miss you, moments, my valentine

N - Never-ending

O - One and only, oneness, one heart, one mind, only one, other half

P - Passion, perfect, promise, pursue

Q - Quiet love, quickly beating heart, quest

R - Respond, respect, romance

S - s.w.a.k, secret love, sentiments, slow, smitten, smooch, softly, soul mate, special, spiritual, sweet, sweetheart

T - Tenderness, this kiss, thrills me, through thick and thin, together, touch, truly madly deeply, trust, true

U - Unconditional, underlying, understanding, unforgettable, us

V - Valentine, vivacious

W - Want, wait, willing, wish, with all my heart,

X - Xoxo

Y - You complete me, yours truly, yearning, yield

Z - zing, zealous, zestful

Thursday, January 29, 2009


ABC Anniversary List

A- Anniversary

B- Birthdays, Belong Together, Blessed, Blessings

C- Caring

D- Devotion, Dating

E- Engagement (how it happened)

F- Friends, Family, Fun

G- Golden Years, Gifts

H-Holidays (traditions), Hobbies

I- Interests, I Love You

J- Joy

K- Keepsakes, Kisses, Kids

L- LOVE, Letters

M- Many years together, Memorable Occasions in our
marriage, Moving or Moves

N- Nicknames, Notable Achievements

O- Our life together

P- Pets, Parents,

Q- Quotes

R- Relatives, Relaxing

S- Special Times

T- Trips

U- Unique

V- Vacations

W- Wedding

X- eXtra Special, eXcitement

Y- You're the light of my life, Years, Youth (photos of couple as children)

Z- Zoom (close up photo)




Aardvark, Abalone (Sea snail), Addax (Screwhorn antelope), Adder (Snake), Agouti (South American rodent), Albatross, Alligator, Anaconda (Water boa), Anchovy, Angelfish, Ant, Anteater, Antelope, Arctic Fox, Armadillo, Avocet (wading bird)


Baboon, Badger, Bald Eagle, Barnacle, Barracuda, Bass, Bat, Bear, beaver, Bee, Bighorn (sheep), Bird, Bison, Black Widow Spider, Boa Constrictor, Bobcat, Bumblebee, Butterfly, Buzzard


Camel, Canary, Capuchin (Organ grinder monkey), Capybara (largest living rodent), Cardinal, Caribou, Cat, Catfish, Centipede, Chameleon, Cheetah, Chicken, Chimpanzee, Chinchilla, Chipmunk, Cicada, Clam, Cobra, Cockatoo, Cockroach, Conch, Condor, Coral, Coyote, Crab, Crane, Crayfish, Cricket, Crocodile, Crow


Deer, Dingo (Wild dog of Australia), Dog, Dog Fish (small type of shark), Dolphin, Donkey, Dove, Dragonfly, Duck


Eagle, Earthworm, Eel, Egret, Elephant, Emu


Falcon, Fiddler Crab, Finch, Firefly, Flamingo, Flounder, Fly, Flying squirrel, Frog, Fox


Gannet (large seabird), Garter Snake, Gazelle, Gecko (lizard), Gerbil, Giant tortoise, Gibbon (small ape), Gila monster (poisonous lizard), Giraffe, Goat, Goldfish, Goose, Gorilla, Grasshopper, Grouper (marine fish), Grouse (gamebird), Guinea Pig, Gull, Guppy


Haddock, Hammerhead Shark, Hamster, Hare (longer ears and hind feet than rabbit), Hatchet fish, Hawk, Hedgehog, Hermit Crab, Heron, Hippopotamus, Hornet, Horse, Howler Monkey, Hummingbird, Hyena


Ibex (wild goat), Ibis (wading bird), Iguana, Impala (type of antelope), Inchworm (caterpillar of geometer moth)


Jackal, Jackdaw (part of crow family), Jaguar, Jay, Jellyfish, Jerboa (desert rat), Jack Rabbit


Kangaroo, Kestrel (Small falcon), Killer Whale, King Crab (Horseshoe Crab), King Snake, Kingfisher (Bird), Kissing Gourami, Kiwi (Flightless bird), Koala, Komodo Dragon, Kookaburra (bird)


Lacewing (Insect), Ladybug, Lamprey, Lark, Lemming (Rodent), Lemur, Leopard, Lion, Lizard, Llama, Lobster, Locust, Loggerhead (Marine turtle), Lorikeet (Small Parrot), Lovebird (Small Parakeet), Lynx


Macaw, Mackerel, Magpie, Mallard (duck), Marabou (Unattractive stork), Marmoset (smallest monkey), Millipede, Mink, Minnow, Mockingbird, Mole, Monarch Butterfly, Mongoose, Monkey, Moose, Mouse, Mudpuppy (large Salamander), Muntjac (Small deer), Musk Ox, Muskrat, Mussel, Mynah, Meercat


Narwhal, Nautilus, Needlefish, Newt, Nightingale, Nutcracker (bird), Nuthatch (bird), Nyala (Oxlike antelope)


Ocelot (cat family), Octopus, Opossum, Orangutan, Orb Spider, Oriole, Osprey, Ostrich, Otter, Owl, Oyster


Paca (large rodent), Panda Bear, Pangolin (scaly anteater), Parakeet, Parrot, Partridge, Peacock, Peccary (similar to a wild pig), Pelican, Penguin, Perch, Peregrine (large falcon), Pheasant, Pig, Pilot Whale, Piranha, Platypus, Polar Bear, Polecat, Porcupine, Porpoise, Prairie dog, Prawn, Proboscis Monkey, Pronghorn, Pudu (smallest deer), Puffer (fish), Puffin (bird), Puma (Cougar or Mountain Lion), Python, Pigeon


Quail, Quarterhorse, Quetzal (bird), Quokka (small kangaroo), Qwauk (black-crowned night heron)


Rabbit, Raccoon, Ram, Rat, Rattlesnake, Raven, Ray, Red deer, Red fox, Reindeer, Rhesus Monkey, Rhinoceros, Roach, Roadrunner (bird), Roe deer


Sailfish, Salamander, Salmon, Sand Dollar, Sandpiper (bird), Scallop, Scorpion, Sea Anemone, Sea Cucumber, Sea Horse, Sea Lion, Sea Otter, Sea Urchin, Seal, Shark, Shrew, Shrimp, Skink (lizard), Skunk, Sloth, Snail, Snake Snapper, Sparrow, Sperm Whale, Spider, Spider Monkey, Sponge, Spoonbill (wading bird), Springbok (gazelle), Squid, Squirrel, Starfish, Stingray, Stork, Swan, Swallow


Tamarin (primitive monkey), Tanager (bird), Tapir, Tarantula, Tarpon (game fish), Tasmanian Devil, Teal (small duck), Tern (sea bird), Thrush (bird), Tiger, Toucan, Tree frog, Trout, Tuna, Turkey, Turtle


Uakari (South American Monkey), Urchin (sea)


Vampire Bat, Vervet Monkey, Vicuna (Smallest camel), Viperfish, Viscacha (Related to chinchilla), Vole, Vulture


Wallaby (kangaroolike Marsupial), Walrus, Warthog, Wasp, Weasel, Whale, Whelk, Wild boar, Wolf, Wolverine, Wombat, Woodpecker, Worm, Wren, Wildebeest, Walleye


Xiphius gladius (Swordfish), X-ray fish (transparent body), Xyloryctes beetle (Rhinoceros beetle)


Yak, Yellowhammer (bird), Yellowjacket Wasp, Yellowshafted Flicker (Alabama State bird - type of woodpecker)


Zander (sport fish), Zebra, Zebu (Brahman cattle), Zorille (resembles a skunk)



Use a 5x7 or 8x10 album. Create the album as a learning tool for children or create a book of
values! Keep it simple! Add photos, stickers, die-cuts, and ABC’S.

Below is a listing of words of you can use as titles!
(Thank you, Angie Gates!)

admire, angel, angry, asleep, apple, august, aunt, awesome, autumn, America, airplane, alphabet,
alone, alligator, April
bears, baby, beautiful, Bible, ballerina, bottle, barn, brother, breakfast, bubbles, bunny, butterfly,
balloon, bathtub, bib, birthday, baseball, basketball, big, bicycle, bonding, blowing, ball, bat
candle, cake, cousin, cow cuddly, cupcake, children, cute, Christmas, chairs, chicken pox, clown,
cloudy, closet, clothes, computer, cooking, cookie, costume, cowboy
dance, daughter, daddy, dinosaur, darling, doll, doctor, dress, drink, dinner, delight, December,
decorated, dentist, diamond, diaper, daring, darling, doubt, dollars
ear, energy, exhausted, explore, enlightened, east, Easter, early elves, empty, everyone,
excited, encourage, experience
fall, first, Fourth of July, friends, fun, frown, family, father, Father’s Day, February, favorite, food,
filled, film, flight, full, flirt
graduation, grandma, grandpa, grumpy, groom, game, gentle, golf, grass, green, grin, glee,
guide, glad, grimy, ghost, glare, glider
Halloween, Hanukkah, husband, hello, haircut, happy, hats, heart, hope, hot, house, hill, hide,
help, horse, halo, horde, hint, high, helmet
imagine, ice cream, igloo, inside, inspire, inside, image, irritate, ice, ice skate, ice rink, important
joy, jack 0 lantern, jacket, January, jingle bells, July, June, jester, journal, juice, jazzy, jelly, jam,
keepsake, kindergarten, kiss, king, keep, key, kids, kind, kitchen, kite, kitten
lullaby, lace, lady, life, live, Lent, lake, lawn, listen, look, lips lock, line, loan, lazy, list
March, May, Memorial Day, Monday, Mother’s Day, music, munchies, milk, man, mom, mother,
memories, marriage, mighty, ail, moody, mistletoe
Noel, November, nap time nephew, niece, New Year, newborn, nutty, new, novel, nice, neat,
nature, natural, nighty, nurse, nerves, name
October, ornament, open, ogre, olive, opposites, outside, outdoors, outstanding, over, older,
oval, otter
Pumpkin, prayers, peace, peas, peek a boo, party, place, plain, paid, plaid, papa, parents,
perfect, phone, puppy, present, pretty, picnic, pile, please, pleasant

queen, quiet, quails, question, quills, queasy, quiz, quilt
reunion, ribbon, rolls, rest, ride, roast, roost, rabbits, rings, river, rose, rain, ready, rainbow,
rein, real, rhyme, right, rhino, ripe
September, Saturday, St. Patrick’s Day, summer, spring, Sunday, swimming, sun, sunny, Santa
Claus, sleepy, smile, son, soft, safe, slide, slip, skates, surprise, sweet, soar, sour, swing, sure,
Thanksgiving, Thursday, Tuesday, turkey, try, tip, taste, trip, tongue, tree, tennis, toys, treat,
trick, thoughts, tickle, ticket, traditional, teeth, toddle, trade, tomatoes
under, umbrella, unforgettable, up, uncle, use, utility, underwater
Valentine’s Day, vacation, valuable, veggies, vibrant, video, vivid, vote, voice, vibes
Wednesday, winter, wood, worship, wish, writing, willing, whimper, while, welcome, walk, wall,
wild, wonderful, whispering, waiting
X-tra, X-cellent, X-ray, xylophone
yummy, yellow, yard, yawn, young, yipes, you, yo-yo
zoo, zebra,